The Cancer Alliance of Marion County improves the lives of those affected by cancer in Marion County, Florida through collaborative efforts, communication, and education.

The Cancer Alliance identifies needs and coordinates efforts to improve navigation of healthcare systems, resources, programs and services for those affected by cancer in Marion County, Florida.

Useful Information

What are the goals of The Cancer Alliance of Marion County?

Identify the needs of the cancer population for this community inclusive of gaps in services, barriers to quality healthcare, support services, and resources.

Foster communication and collaboration with professional organizations serving people with cancer and their families.

Participate in community outreach efforts to provide education and collaboration as it relates to cancer education, prevention, services, programs and resources.

Advocate for programs and policies that meet the needs of oncology professionals, patients and their families in this community.

How do I add a Resource to the Resource Directory?

You must be a Professional Member to submit a Resource to the Cancer Alliance of Marion County. After your Professional Membership is approved, you are able to submit Resources to the CAMC within your Profile

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