We are excited to announce that we will grant between $1,000 – $5,000 in partnership awards to help improve the lives of those affected by cancer in Marion County, Florida.  Target areas specific to Marion County emerged from our study of local cancer incidence and mortality rates, the State of Florida’s cancer plan and the work-life experiences of the active agencies on our committees.

We believe these areas would receive the greatest benefit from partnership awards.  All funds received MUST stay within Marion County, Florida, and serve the county’s residents.

Although our first priority will be given to agencies, individuals, and programs with a strong history of support and involvement in the Cancer Alliance of Marion County and/or HUGs Charities, we encourage anyone to apply and become more involved in our collective programs and collaborative efforts.


To give small monetary partnership awards to agencies that have embraced the mission and focus of Cancer Alliance of Marion County.  This funding will support/increase evidence-based interventions to promote access to screenings, education, and support for the early detection of (1) lung, breast, or colon cancer, and (2) tobacco cessation.

Partnership Grants can provide assistance with

Includes patient transportation and translation services.  Translation services ensure that language translation is available to patients.

Includes pre-approved co-branded brochures, flyers, and client reminders created by Cancer Alliance of Marion County (CAMC). These can be customized in partnership with CAMC to include local information. Any co-branded materials must be approved.

Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education Units directly related to successful project implementation. Requested budget should be for specific CME/CEU needs.

Items purchased to incentivize patient attendance and/or goal completion. Cost for incentives is limited to 25% of the total award amount (including the costs of meals for programs).

Costs incurred to host meetings and trainings, such as staff meetings to discuss project progress and meetings/trainings for community members/target population. Meal costs are limited to 25% of the total award amount.

Expenses NOT permitted:

Exam tables and table covers, exam gowns, etc.

Pamphlets, DVDs, etc.

Radio, newspaper, television, billboard ads, etc.

Desktops, laptops, projectors, tables, chairs, etc.

Office space, administrative fees, etc

Award Recipients: Selected agencies in Marion County will be recognized through HUGs Charities and the Cancer Alliance with Partnership Awards ranging from $1,000 – $5,000.


The following steps must be completed to receive a Partnership Award:

  1. Complete an application, including a plan for evidence-based activities/interventions.
  2. Complete the Partnership Award Application by 1/13/2023
  3. Submit a signed Collaborative Agreement (accepting the partnership award and committing to activities outlined on the Partnership Award Application) by 2/16/23
  4. Complete data and grant funded project by 11/30/23

Award Criteria:  Awards will be given to programs that best exhibit:

  • A high level of engagement with Cancer Alliance of Marion County;
  • Current work on tobacco cessation and/or lung, breast, colonancer education and screening initiatives, in partnership with the community or multiple agencies;
  • Ability to match some funds with outside grants, in-kind gifts, or other funding sources.

The applications will be reviewed after the due date 1/13/2023. The amount awarded depends on need and availability of funds.