Marion County's Collective Cancer Care Community

After several years of being involved with Marion County, H.U.G.S. realized there were many organizations, all working to make life better for cancer patients & doing a great job, but not everyone knew what each other was doing! There was an overlap of some services and gaps in care which needed to be filled. Marion County needed a collective cancer care community that could collaborate, communicate and educate together for the greatest impact.

This Initiative Became...

Our Purpose:

  • Identify the needs of the cancer population in our community; inclusive of gaps in service, barriers to quality healthcare, support services, and resources
  • Foster communication and collaboration with organizations and individuals serving cancer patients and their families in our community
  • Participate in community outreach efforts relating to cancer education, prevention, services, programs and resources
  • Advocate for programs and policies that meet the needs of oncology professionals, patients and their families