3 Angels Clinic

3 Angels Clinic




About Us:

Three Angels Clinic is a faith-based clinic comprised of volunteers who believe in continuing Christ’s mission of healing the sick, and obeying his command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). As a Volunteer in Medicine clinic, this belief is in alignment with our standard of having a “culture of caring.” This means we view you, no matter what your status, as a friend in our community in need of help.  We view it as a privilege to be able to serve you. We believe how we treat you is as important as the medical care we administer to you. Our entire team is focused on meeting your needs with professionalism and compassion.


Our Mission

To facilitate total wellness for underserved people on our community by providing health care professionally, and free of cost.


Our Vision

To improve the health of our community by reclaiming the Biblical commitment to care for the needy.